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Charity Ball an der Diplomatischen Akademie Wien

Sa der 24. Feb 2018  

Ort:Diplomatische Akademie Wien
Veranstalter:Studenten der Diplomatischen Akademie Wien
Charity Ball

Weitere Information:

The students of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien have the honour of organising this year’s Charity Ball – a highlight of the Academy’s calendar. As the most distinguished event at the Academy, we expect around 600 guests, including ambassadors, business representatives, friends of the academy and, of course, our very promising student body.

The motto for our ball this year is “Die Kunst Der Diplomatie” and will be in the iconic style of the Wiener Secession. With this theme in mind, we are working in close cooperation with the Secession museum of Vienna.

For those unfamiliar with St. Anna, their Cancer Research Institute, the CCRI, started as a very small laboratory almost 30 years ago. Since then, it has developed into a world-class research institute. The Institute has always been predominantly financed by donations, and still today, private donations cover a very significant part of the yearly costs.

24th of February 2017

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Charity Ball an der Diplomatischen Akademie Wien am Ballkalender Wien

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